Pancake Day on Flee Fly Flown

Last week as I was helping to close the store at my night gig and the team got to talking about Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, Carnival or Fat Tuesday, and the various traditions we encountered growing up such as Punchkis and King Cakes.

One of the assistant managers at the store is from the UK and she mentioned that they traditionally called Fat Tuesday, “Pancake Day” where your family would make thin pancakes for breakfast that morning. Hers, she reminisced, were topped with sugar and lemon juice. Sounds delicious!

Depending on your religious beliefs, Lent is a time of abstaining, fasting or giving up indulgent things, the day before it started was the last day to use up rich foods like butter, fat and sugar. Pancakes were an easy way to do that!

So, while I didn’t make pancakes this morning (running out the door as always), I’m not opposed to Brinner…breakfast for dinner…so I guess I know what I’ll be having! If your plans for Fat Tuesday do not include a zydeco band or a night out on the town, then perhaps try a new tradition!

Pancake Day on Flee Fly Flown

From what I can tell, Pancake Day pancakes are thinner like Crepes or Swedish pancakes. Here’s a few recipes (both American & British-style cakes) if you’re looking for a new recipe to try:

1. Basic Pancakes with Sugar & Lemon (may need to convert measurements)

2. Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries (my favorite!!)

3. Tons of recipes and inspiration from The Pioneer Woman (mostly American versions, but still. A pancake is a pancake!)

Happy Pancake Day!

- Colleen