It seems that every travel blog, channel and website are reporting on all things Haunted about this time of year. Obviously appropriate since Halloween is a major holiday. A lot of the email newsletters, tweets and such that I’ve been reading highlight the ghost tours of the place featured, all good stuff, especially since ghost tours have really gained in popularity over the last few years. So, I’m sort of jumping on the band wagon here and highlighting a few of my favorites, scary or not.

But I will say, there’s usually a difference between ghost/haunted tours of a city and a town’s staged “haunted house” setup for Halloween. My list is a combination.

Disclaimer :: I’m the ultimate scaredy cat when it comes to gore and things jumping out at you. Some of these places remind me of my childhood, others didn’t scare me at all, some scared me a little to alot.

1. The Haunted Theatre :: Mackinac Island, MIMackinac Island's Haunted Theatre on Flee Fly Flown

Growing up in the Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, field trips and family trips to Mackinac Island were frequent. This attraction was one I remember going to as a fairly young kid but my middle school self was also scared going through. The Haunted Theatre burned down at one point, but it looks like it’s back in action. I’m definitely heading here the next time I’m on the island.

2. The Haunted Mansion :: Walt Disney World, FL

Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion on Flee Fly Flown

This has always been my favorite ride at Disney World. It’s not really scary, but again, as a little kid, it never failed to catch me off guard. I loved when the floor would drop ever so slightly at the beginning, and the ghosts floating at the end. I haven’t been back in a while, so perhaps it’s changed.

3. Ghost Tour :: Edinburgh, Scotland

Ghost Tour Edinburgh Scotland on Flee Fly FlownA friend and I went on our first ghost tour in Scotland when we were studying abroad in college. I was prepared to be super freaked out. But our tour guide was in costume and role playing a lordly, ghostly character, so it was hard to take him seriously. Some of the places we visited on the tour were more neat, than scary. Although ending in the graveyard was a bit freaky.

4. Wisconsin Haunted Houses

A few years in a row, I’ve gone to staged haunted houses in and around Milwaukee, the scariest of course, I can’t remember the name because I blocked it from my frightened memory. But haunted corn mazes, hay rides, barns and houses are in abundance around Milwaukee, this time of year. These are the ones the freak me out the most. Next week we’re headed to the Haunted Feargrounds in Waukesha. I’m already scared, but can’t wait to go! And I’m too scared to go do this, but the Paulding Light in Northern Wisconsin sounds fascinating and freaky.

5. Most Haunted Houses Tour :: Washington, D.C.

When I visited friends in D.C. last summer, we went on aWashington DC Most Haunted Mansions Tour on Flee Fly Flown ghost tour that took us mostly around Lafayette Square near the White House. We heard stories of love, murder and assassinations. This tour wasn’t that scary, but more fascinating, considering the history.

Whether or not you’re traveling around Halloween, for those interested in history, hauntings or the thrill of a good spook, you can certainly find haunting-inspired activities wherever you travel, throughout the year. (Seriously, I searched “ghost tour” and came up with ghost attractions all over the world.

What’s your favorite spooky adventure? At home or on a trip.

- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown