The Hunger Games Fashion on Flee Fly FlownAs I read The Hunger Games, the description of the fashions worn by Katniss and the others during the opening ceremonies intrigued me (and their roll in the commentary of the society’s obsession with ridiculous trends and reality t.v.). Because of this and my (no longer) secret dream to be a movie or stage costume designer, I can’t wait to see what Judianna Makovsky has come up with for the film.

We’ve seen a glimpse of Effie and Caesar Flickerman (the games host), but I have a feeling most of the intricate costumes will be kept under wraps until the movie release.

The Hunger Games Fashion on Flee Fly Flown

And speaking of designers, I know this is a touchy subject with many HG fans, but how do you feel about Lenny Kravitz playing the role of Cinna? Personally, I imagined Cinna to look more like Tom Ford, but I’m willing to give Lenny a shot.

Finally, I thought the following video clip fit well with this topic since the HG film is predicting the wardrobe of the futuristic U.S. Below is a video of fashion that was predicted for the year 2000 back in the 1930s. Some of them are not half bad, others, not so much.

Oh, swish!

- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown