I’ve been awfully inspired and empowered by this website / show that celebrates women “Makers.” Maker’s is a collection of women (athletes, politicians, doctors, actors, entrepreneurs and more) who’ve perhaps made a bigger wave in our world or that have gotten a bit more notice than your average woman, and have embraced it for good.

While not all of the women featured are “mothers” they all serve as an inspiration for girls, women and really anyone, so I wanted to share Makers as we approach Mother’s Day.

So watch and enjoy, here’s few I recommend (but of course, they’re all great):

Katie CouricΒ 

Katie Couric Interviewed for Makers - Groundbreaking Women
Dr. Susan Love interviewed for Makers - Trailblazing Women
Martha Stewart interviewed for Maker's - Trailblazing Women
Here’s a few others…
And so many more. Β Happy (almost) Mother’s Day!
- Colleen McIntyre on Flee Fly Flown